Bombs is a 2D video game I have designed. It is still under development. The purpose of the game is simple: you are in an arena and you must fight to survive. You may be in a team or alone, and fight against one or several other opponents. You win the party when you have killed all your opponents.

The only weapons you have are bombs. But in order to win, you must use them wisely and cleverly. When a bomb is dropped, it will explode in a long time. So dropping a bomb near an opponent is useless since he will have time to get away. That’s why you must be tricky to survive.

When a bomb explodes, its deflagration blows out horizontally and vertically until it reaches an obstacle. If it touches another bomb, then it will explode too. Thus the most efficient way to eliminate opponents is to bind bombs: if one bomb triggers another one by thanks to its explosion, and the other one triggers another one…, the explosions will become more and more complex and that’s how you can trap your opponents!

Besides there are other matters to consider: golden bombs (whose explosions are no longer stopped by some obstacles) and gates (which teleports a character when it walks through the gate). Those make the game even more challenging!

Bombs is even more than that! You may play with your friends, alone against the computer or both. You can even create your own maps and and play onto them with different skins!

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Bombs is still under development. It only runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7).

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