While at first glance Bombs may seem like an arcade game, where all need is dexterity (like in Bomberman), the game is actually very puzzling. Dexterity isn’t even required, since you can click on a location and your character will move towards it alone, and only one character can move at a time.

Bombs deflagrations have no limits: they only stop when they meet an obstacle like a barrel. This means that if your character is at the farthest place from the bomb, it can still get killed if there are no obstacles on the explosion path.

Bombs-binding is the most efficient way to eliminate your opponents. Allied with gates (you enter a gate and you are teleported away to another one, and so are bombs deflagrations), parties are very puzzling. Dropping a bomb may have enormous consequences: you may trigger other bombs, make the deflagration enter a gate, and kill some players.

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Play with friends

You can play alone against the computer, or with your friends. Up to 8 characters can fight. So you can play with up to 7 friends, each playing one character. You can also make teams if you play with fewer people: One player controls 4 characters and another one controls the 4 others for instance.

Create maps

Bombs offers several maps for characters to fight. But you may create maps on your own with another program I made. You can then play onto them.

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Choose skin

For each map you can select a skin. 4 skins are available. You can see them below, click on an image to enlarge it.

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