From 2 to 8 players may fight in the arena. Only one player plays at a time. When it is your turn to play, you have 5 seconds to move your character.

At the beginning of the game, no players have bombs. And you must have bombs to drop them. Thus when it is your turn you have to walk towards munitions to pick them up, and earn 5 bombs.

During your turn, you may move your character with the arrows on your keyboard, or by clicking on a location. If you click on a location your character will walk towards it by taking one of the shortest ways.

During your turn you may drop only one bomb, even if you have more.

When you drop a bomb it will explode when its timer times out. Then the deflagration blows out horizontally and vertically with no limits until it reaches an obstacle. If a character is in the deflagration, he dies. If a bomb is in the deflagration, it explodes too, regardless to its timer.

There are gates on some maps. All gates are gathered in pairs. You can identify a pair of gates as they have the same color. When you walk through a gate, you are teleported to its mate. When a bomb deflagration goes through a gate with a particular direction, the deflagration continues in the same direction through the gate’s mate. So the deflagration is teleported too.

As you destroy objects with bombs, and kill players, you earn points. Killing players obviously makes more points. But killing your teammates if your character is in a team makes even more points.

When you have enough points, you will be granted an upgrade to all your bombs. You will earn the golden bomb. This bomb deflagration isn’t stopped by fragile obstacles like barrels, and goes through. So you can no longer hide behind barrels or boxes. If there is a golden bomb in a network of bombs, then all bombs will behave like golden bombs.

The party ends when there is only one player left, or when all players are dead.

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