Clock is a program I designed in C++. It's both a usual clock and a task scheduler. Whenever you need to be reminded of something, or to plan some tasks, Clock is for you! It provides powerful tools to schedule anything you need.

If you have to walk your dog in one hour, you can set up an alarm in one hour. You may also specify Clock to shut down your computer as you leave. The alarm will ring with the music of you choice when it's time, remind you to walk your dog, and will shut down the computer.

If you want to listen to some peaceful music before sleeping, launch your media player. Then tell Clock to shut down the computer in one hour or just to close your media player!

You may also use Clock to wake you up in the morning, with the music of your choice. You may select the days and the time you want to be awakened.

Thus you may use Clock for anything that can be scheduled in your life. You may configure it so when you start your computer it opens your favorite programs. Alarms and scheduled tasks can be saved and set as default. So when you open Clock (or when you start your computer since you can tell Clock to start when you start the computer) all your daily schedules are ready to be reminded!

Basically Clock allows you to create two kind of schedule: an alarm, or a task. An alarm will just play music and display a message when it’s time. A task will perform more complex things: you may shut down your computer (or restart it), launch programs, quit programs, execute a windows command, and enable/disable other alarms/tasks. Both alarms and tasks will be executed in time, and can have a more complex schedule (i.e. you may choose which days it will ring for instance)

But Clock is even more than that!

Read more about its features.

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