Create alarms

An alarm will just ring and display a message when it’s time. Clock allows you to create as many alarms as you want. For each alarm you can select the music you want played and how many songs to play when it’s time. For each alarm you may also set the days it must ring. Those days can be chosen amongst the days of the week, from a day of the year, or defined periodically (for instance every two days).

Thus you can use Clock to wake you up in the morning, with different hours during the week and the weekend.

Never lose track of time

Clock offers all the tools to schedule everything (through tasks), to remind you things (through alarms). You can tell Clock to start automatically when you start the computer, and tell it to open some Clock alarms or tasks you previously saved. For each task which is automatically open with Clock, you can even tell Clock to directly execute the task regardless to its daily schedule and its time.

If a schedule is missed (if for instance your computer was shut down) then you can tell Clock to run those tasks the next time Clock is open.

If you close Clock by mistake, or if having it displayed bothers you, don’t worry. Clock will switch to the Windows system tray (or notification area) and won’t bother you and will still be working.

Besides Clock write into a file every time an alarm rings or a task is launched. So you can see what Clock did.

So with Clock you cannot miss anything scheduled!

Create tasks

You may also create tasks. Tasks are a more complete version of alarms. When a task is launched, it computes a series of basic commands of your choice: you may change the state of your computer (shut it down, restart it, hibernate it), launch a program, close a program, execute a system command, and deal with other Clock tasks/alarms. You may add as many of those commands as you need.

Like with alarms you may choose the days (and of course the time) it will run. Besides you can tell Clock to run a task as Clock is being opened. Therefore you may start your favorite programs as you start the computer (since you can tell Clock to start automatically, thus run your tasks).

Choose its skin

Clock is full of tiny details. For instance you can change the skin of the clock of each alarm or task!

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