Read this and you will create wonderful characters quickly :) !

Create new characters

You may create characters for any game you want. For convenience two kinds of character are available by default: for RPG Maker XP and VX. Use those commands to create them:

RPG Maker XPFile > New > RPG Maker XP characterAlt + 1
RPG Maker VXFile > New > RPG Maker VX characterAlt + 2

Character grid size

What we actually call a character is a set of frames, in which each frame represents a character moving in a certain direction. Game Character Hub puts characters in a grid whose cases are frames. For instance, an RPG Maker XP character has a grid width of 4 frames, a grid height of 4 frames, and each 4 horizontal frames represent a character moving in a direction. It's the same for RPG Maker VX characters except that they have a grid width of 3 frames.

RPG Maker VX grid

Game Character Hub handles characters of any grid size. You may create a character with the grid size you like via the command:

File > New > CharacterCtrl + N

Add items

Game Character Hub characters are made of items (i.e. layers). They are objects, like hair, body, clothes. You may create your own character by adding such items. Game Character Hub offers a default set of items (called library). To add items from the library to your character you must launch the following function:

Character > Add item or drawing layer > Add itemI (key i)

Edit items

Game Character Hub enables you to edit completely character items. You may change their color, move them, rotate them... To use such commands you must first select the items and the character frames or pixels to be edited. There are two kinds of commands. Some commands only operate onto character frames (An RPG Maker XP character has 16 frames, a VX one has 12. Please refer to Character grid size), while others operate onto selected pixels. It's easy to distinguish them thanks to their name and icon.

Item (layer) selection

To select an item, left click on it (on the left dock window). You may select several by holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys.

Character frame selection

To select/deselect character frames, use the following tools:

Select character framesSelection > Frame selectionA
Deselect framesSelection > Edit > Deselect framesCtrl + D

Once the first tool is selected, click on the frames to select. You may select several by holding the Ctrl and Shift keys or simply by holding down the mouse button.

Pixel selection

To operate on pixels, you must use those tools:

Select pixelsSelection > Pixel selectionShift + A
Select an area of similar colorSelection > Magic wandW
Move the selection patternSelection > Move selection patternD
Deselect pixelsSelection > Edit > Deselect pixelsCtrl + D

Most used editing functions

You can then launch editing functions onto selected items and frames or pixels. Here is a list of the most used editing functions.

MoveMove selected items.Character > MoveM
Move pixelsMove selected pixels.Character > Move pixelsShift + M
Colorize (Hue / Saturation)Change the hue, the saturation and luminosity of selected items.Character > Colorize (Hue / Saturation)H
ResizeChange the size of selected items.Characters > ResizeT
RotateRotate selected items.Characters > RotateShift + T

Remember that commands only edit what's selected. They will operate on everything if nothing is selected.

Drawing functions

With Game Character Hub, you can draw on your characters! You may use a pen or an eraser to correct some pixels, or draw rects or circles, fill them with colored gradients or anything you like. Everything has been made so don't need to use your graphics editing program anymore, everything you need is here, on Game Character Hub!

It works exactly as you'd expect, simply select the layer you want to draw on, select your tool (pen for instance) and simply draw! If some pixels are selected, you may not draw outside the pixel selection.

EyedropperPick a color.Drawing > EyedropperShift + P
PenDraw with a pen.Drawing > PenP
BucketFill an area with a color.Drawing > BucketB
EraserErase some pixels of the characters.Drawing > EraserE
LineDraw line.Drawing > LineL
RectangleDraw rectangle.Drawing > RectangleR
CircleDraw circle.Drawing > CircleC

Game Character Hub will prevent you from drawing directly on the items that are from the item library. Instead it will automatically add a drawing layer on which you will draw, so you don't soil the item.

Save your character

Game Character Hub offers three ways to save your work.

  • GCH format: Your character will be saved in the Game Character Hub format. Hence all your work will be saved and can be recovered the next time you use Game Character Hub. However you cannot use this format for your game. This format is only useful when the character is not complete.
  • PNG image: This generates a PNG image of your character. Hence you may not want to use this format if the character is not complete. This format is made to save the complete version of your character and to use it in your game. The background will be transparent, so you may directly use it in your game (in the Graphics/Characters folder of your game if you're using RPG Maker).

    Here are the saving functions:

    File > SaveCtrl + SSave the current character
    File > Save as...Ctrl + Alt + SSave the current character under a new name
    File > Save allCtrl + Shift + SSave all open characters

  • Save by varying the hue of some items: This function allows you to save the current character in several copies in the PNG format, by varying the hue of some items.
    This function generates several images of your character by shifting for instance the hair color, the eyes color, ... This function is useful to create a large amount of characters, if you need so in your game.
    Here is the function:

    File > Save as different huesCtrl + Alt + Shift + S

Additional functions (RPG Maker only)

Game Character Hub, beside character design, also offers useful functions for game design with RPG Maker.

Tileset mergingMerge tilesets File > Tileset merging
Character conversionConvert characters among the different versions of RPG Maker. (RPG Maker 2003, XP, et VX) File > Character conversion

Have a nice use of Game Character Hub, and good game design!

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