Add items

In order to make your character, you may add it items, such as hair, clothes, body, etc... Game Character Hub offers a large item library to choose from. You may add items to your character simply by browsing through the item library and adding the desired items to your character.

Item library

You may open the item library through these commands (note the easy shortcut):

Tool barMenu barShortcuts
Character > Add item or drawing layer > Add itemi (key I), Ctrl + L

You may directly type in a keyword to search for a particular item. Empty the search field to cancel the search. Explore through the folders to find the items you like.

Once an item is selected, a preview will be drawn on the right pane. If you select a folder that contains an item, a preview of one of its items will be drawn on the right pane as well. Double-click on an item to add it to your current character.

Change color

You may also, for some items, change their color before adding them to your character (you may also change their color once added). The way of doing is different for every item.

  • If the item provides several versions with different colors, a palette filled with every available color will appear. Then simply click on the one you like.
  • Some items don't come with as such, but we you may still change its color. A slider will appear, and moving it will change the hue of the item. It may happen that only a part of the item is changed: this behavior is item specific.

When you change the color of an item, the effect is visible in real-time. This allows you to try several colors to pick up the one you prefer.

Fast preview

The Fast preview option enables you to view the selected item on your current character, meaning that the selected item will be directly rendered on your character. Keep in mind that this is just a preview, the item is not actually added: selecting another item or closing the item library will make the item disappear. Double-click on the selected item (or choose Add) to add it permanently. Note that it is possible that some items are not rendered (if the item and the character don't have the same number of frames horizontally and vertically).

Supported files

Game Character Hub handles three types of item for its library: PNG, GCHI, and GCHE. PNG are just regular pictures in which the item it contains should appear in clear. Their background should be transparent. Example:

GCHI and GCHE (respectively Game Character Hub Item and Game Character Hub Element) files are file formats made for Game Character Hub. The former contains an item like would do a PNG picture. The latter contains a compilation of items, and is used to store complex items that must be decomposed into several layers.

You may import your own resources into Game Character Hub. Simply read Import items into the item library

Note that if you add a PNG item, you will be prompted to tell its grid size. This means a dialog will ask you how many frames it has horizontally and vertically.

Drawing layer

You may add a drawing layer through this window. Drawing layers are basically just blank layers for you to draw on, so you don't soil item layers. See more about drawing layers.

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