Bucket enables you to fill up an area of selected pixels. The bucket color will be the current color (as specified in the Color window).

This tool is located at:

Tool barMenu barShortcuts
Drawing > BucketB

How to use

Then simply select a layer, select some pixels you want to fill up with a particular color, and click on the area you want to fill up. Note that if you click with the right mouse button (instead of the left mouse button), you will fill up with the second color (i.e. if the current color is the primary color, you will then fill up with the secondary color, and vice versa).

You may also use the eyedropper when drawing with the pen or the bucket. To do this, hold Shift and click on your character like you would with the eyedropper.

If you draw over a layer from the library, Game Character Hub will automatically insert a drawing layer above (unless you chose the overwriting mode). This is to preserve the integrity of the item.

Bucket settings

Upon selecting the tool, a new toolbar shall appear. This toolbar enables you to change some bucket settings.

  • Filling mode defines how the bucket fills up selected areas.
    • Contiguous: the bucket will only fill up contiguous selected pixel areas.
    • Global: the bucket will fill up the entire selected pixel area, even it is not contiguous (i.e. even if it is split into several disjoint parts).
  • Composition mode defines how to deal with a non-opaque bucket.
    • Normal blending: This will blend the color of the character with the color of the bucket.
    • Overwrite: This will replace the color of the character by the color of the bucket.

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