Character conversion

Game Character Hub enables you to convert characters through different versions of the RPG Maker series. The supported versions are RPG Maker 2003, XP, and VX (Ace). You may convert a single character, or an entire folder of characters. All characters must be saved in PNG format.

To use launch this command, click on File > Character conversion.

A window shall appear asking you whether you would like to convert single characters, or a whole folder. Choose the appropriate option and click on Next.

You will then be asking to choose the files or the folder to convert. You may define from which version to which version to convert with the combo box.

Then click on Next. The conversion will start. Once completed, a window will appear to tell you where to find the converted characters. (Typically, a sub-folder is created and will hold the converted characters).

When converted to RPG Maker 2003, characters will have less colors (the image files will have an 8-bit depth).

When converted from RPG Maker VX, the program will detect, for each input character, if they are alone or if they lie on an 4*2 grid. (This is done by looking at the first 2 letters of the filename. If it contains a '$', then the character is considered alone).

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