Color window

The color window is a window that is docked on the bottom-right corner of Game Character Hub. It enables you to choose colors.

This window allows you to select two colors: a primary color, that will be used to draw with a pen or a bucket, and a secondary color, that will be used to draw more complex shapes that contain a stroke.

You may see the primary color: it is displayed on the frame on the left, below the palette. And in front, on the right, you shall find the secondary color which is displayed in another frame. There arrows arrows between the two frames. Clicking on it will swap the two colors.

The option Current color may be set to primary or secondary. This simply tells which color (between the primary and secondary) to use when drawing with a pen or a bucket for instance.


A palette offering a wide-range of colors is displayed. You may click on any color of the palette: this will modify your current color and set it to this one.

Modifying the palette

The button Add color will add the current color to the palette. Once this button is clicked, you must click again on the palette to choose where within the palette the color will be added.

A drop-down menu offers several commands: from here you may save and load the palette. Generate palette from character will fill in the palette with every different color found in the current character. Note that this will overwrite the colors already there in the palette. The last option "Restore default palette" will simply reload the default palette of Game Character Hub, overwriting any existing color.

Adjusting the current color

The bottom of the window contains sliders and spinboxes: those enables you to accurately set the current color. You may here set the red-green-blue components of the color, or as well with the hue-saturation-value. The transparency component can make your color transparent: setting it to 0 will make the color fully transparent, to 128 will make the color semi-transparent, and with 255 the color will have full opacity.

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