Create a new character

RPG Maker-like characters

With Game Character Hub you may create characters for RPG Maker XP or RPG Maker VX (Ace). You may also create characters for your own game even if it doesn't use RPG Maker at all, but we will see that in the next section.
You may use those commands to create a new blank character:

KindTool barMenu barShortcut
RPG Maker XP > File > New > RPG Maker XP characterAlt + 1
RPG Maker VX > File > New > RPG Maker VX characterAlt + 2

Characters of any format

You may also create characters of your own format that will suit your game. This is simply done by the following command:

Tool barMenu barShortcut
File > New > CharacterCtrl + N

Even after the character creation, you may still change the frame size (i.e. the canvas size), through the command Frame size:

Tool barMenu bar
Edit > Frame size

Recording your own character format

If you don't use RPG Maker-based characters, but your own character format, you may create shortcuts for them. This means that you won't have to go through the new character dialog, and an option with an associated shortcut will be created within the Game Character Hub user interface. By doing this, you may even specify how your own character animation should be played in the preview pane. You may do this by the following command: File > New > Your own character type here! and then Add > New. You may tell the parameters of your character type, which animation should be played in the preview pane(non-mandatory), and simply validate. Please refer to Preview dock-window to see how to manage animations.

Your own character type shall then appear within the UI.

Template character

It is possible to create a template as a base to work upon for your future characters. The mechanism is as follows: create a character you want to set as the template (you may add items to the character). Then save it as template. Later, if you want to use the template to start the work on a new character, simply choose to create a new character from the template. In order to do all this, you may use the following commands:

CommandMenu barShortcut
Set open character as templateFile > Set as template character
Open character from templateFile > New > New character from templateCtrl + Shift + N

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