The eraser enables you to remove pixels from the selected layers. The removed pixels will just turn blank (i.e. fully transparent).

You may access the eraser from the following command:

Tool barMenu barShortcuts
Drawing > EraserE

How to use

To use this tool, simply select one or several layers. Then click on the parts of your character you want to erase. The pixels will only be removed if they are within a selected layer.

If the eraser is in pen mode, click on the pixels you want to remove. Otherwise click, hold down and move the cursor to select an area of pixels you want to remove.

Area of effect

This tool operates either within selected frames or selected pixels, depending on the current selection mode. This means that if some frames are selected (and that you are in the frame selection mode), you will not be able to erase pixels that don't lie in a selected frame. The same goes for the pixel selection mode: you will not be able to erase pixels that are not selected.

You may change the selection mode while using the eraser: the rightmost toolbar button enables to toggle between the selection modes. Select to erase within the selected frames, and to erase within the selected pixels.

Note that if the selection is empty, the eraser is free to erase where you want.

Eraser settings

Upon selecting the tool, a new toolbar shall appear. This toolbar enables you to change the eraser settings.

  • Eraser options defines whether the eraser should behave like a pen, or if it should remove a selected area.
    • Pen: the eraser will behave like a pen: it will erase the pixels you click on.
    • Selection: the eraser will ask you to select a new area, and it will erase the area you selected (with regard to the current selection: remember that you can't erase outside selected frames or pixels).
  • Shape defines the shape of the eraser. If the eraser behaves like a pen, it defines the shape of the pen lead. Otherwise it defines the shape of the area to select.
    • Square: The eraser lead will have a rectangular shape OR the area to select will be rectangular.
    • Circular: The eraser lead will have a circular shape OR the area to select will be circular.
  • Eraser width: defines the width of the eraser lead, in pixels (requires the eraser to behave like a pen).

Tip: if you are in frame selection mode, and several frames are selected, you may remove pixels in several frames at once! Make sure the eraser option is set to Selection, then hold Ctrl, and something erase. The pixels you selected within one frame will be removed from every selected frame!

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