This command enables you to flip (horizontally or vertically) the selected area. Adding noise to your character will add random-colored pixels to the selected area. Unlike Colorize and most other editing commands, this command won't ask you directly if you want to operate on either selected frames or pixels. It will instead rely on the current mode: if the current selection mode is Frame selection, it will operate on selected frames. Otherwise it operates on selected pixels. Note that the current mode is displayed on the bottom right corner of the window.

Prior to launch this command, you need to select the layer(s) and the frames or pixels that will be affected by the resizing operation. You may launch this command via:

Tool barMenu bar
Characters > Flip horizontally
Characters > Flip vertically

The command will then run. Note that if you were in Frame selection, and no frames were selected, every frame will be flipped. Likewise, in Frame selection, and no layers were selected, every layer will be affected. In Pixel selection, if no pixels were selected, the whole canvas will be flipped. Note that still one layer must be selected to perform the command (in Pixel selection).

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