Generate characters

Game Character Hub can generate several re-colored versions of your character. For instance with this tool, you may generate copies of your character with different hair color, or different eye color, or both (or even more). This feature becomes extremely useful if you need a large number of characters in your game.

To use this tool, you must have an open character, with preferably several layers.

This tool will re-color the layers of your character. It won't however re-color just some pixels that lie within the same layer. This means that if you want to re-color a part of your character, this part must occupy a whole layer on its own.

For the sake of example, let's say our character is the following:

And it contains the following layers:

You may launch the tool with the following command:

Tool barMenu barShortcut
File > Save as different huesCtrl + Alt + Shift + S

Selecting layers to re-color

A window shall appear. The layers of your characters are displayed on left on the window. You must select the layers you want to re-color and move them to the right side list. Click on layer to select it, and then click on Add to move it to right. You will be prompted to set the of number of color variations. If you hit Redefine, the layer will be set to a uniformed hue (the whole layer will be set a the same color) before being re-colored. This layer will then be re-colored.

Every layer on the right will be re-colored on its own, independently of the other layers. You may not want this behavior for your character. You may want some layers of your character to be subject to the same color variation. This may happen if you have, like in this example, 3 separate layers for the hair: you won't want to end up with a piece of hair with a particular color and another part of hair with another one. You can prevent this behavior: hold Ctrl and select all the layers (i.e. click on them) that should have the same color variation. Then choose Group and add to put them in the right list.

Starting the generation

Once you have selected the layers, pay attention to the other parameters of the window. You can choose in which folder to output the re-colored images. And you may give a prefix to the name of each generated image. Game Character Hub warn you before proceeding if some files will be overwritten in the process.

If you choose Generate all possible combinations, your character will be generated for every possible color variation of every layer. For instance, if you decide to vary the eye color with 2 variations, and the hair with 3, you will end up with 6 characters: eye color 1 with hair color 1, eye color 1 with hair color 2, eye color 1 with hair color 2, eye color 2 with hair color 1, eye color 2 with hair color 2, eye color 2 with hair color 3. If you don't choose that option, every item on the right will vary regardless of the color of the others. This will generate much less characters. You will then end up with 4 characters: eye color 1 with hair color 1, eye color 2 with hair color 1, eye color 1 with hair color 2, eye color 1 with hair color 3.

Simply click on Save to generate characters.

Generating characters with custom saving processes

You may want to use saving processes for character generation. Simply click on Saving process, and then on Add. This will load a list of all compatible saving processes. Note that you may choose several saving processes. If you do so Game Character Hub will use all those processes on the same image file before creating another file. For the sake of example, let's say we have to generate 5 characters, and you chose 2 saving processes. Game Character Hub will create an image, save the first two characters on the same image using the saving processes you provided (the first saving process for the first character, the second for the second). It will create a second image on which it will save the third and fourth characters, using the saving processes again in the same order. Finally it creates a third image to save the fifth and last character, with the first saving process you supplied.

Providing with several saving processes is useful if you want to map your characters to a larger image that has room for several characters.

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