Handling selection

In order to modify your character, you will need at several occasions to select parts of your character. Game Character Hub offers several ways to do so. It makes the clear distinction between two kinds of selection: frame selection, and pixel selection.

Note that at any time, the current selection mode is displayed on the bottom right corner of the window.

Frame selection

This tool, as its name says it, is made to select frame(s) of your character. You must use this tool if you want the next command you will use to operate on whole frame(s) rather than pixels. For instance, if you want to change the color of one layer when your character is facing in a particular direction, just select the appropriate frames an launch the Colorize command.

To start selecting frames, you must use the following command:

Tool barMenu barShortcuts
Character > Frame selectionA

Take note that if you launch a command with an empty frame selection, the command will operate on every frame.

Pixel selection

In some uses, frame selection is not appropriate (you may want to change only some pixels). That's why Game Character Hub provides another tool to select pixels. This tool is similar to any other pixel selection tool you find in any other drawing program. This tool comes in two versions:

Tool barMenu barShortcutsDescription
Character > Pixel selectionShift + ASelect an area from a given shape. Click on the character, hold, and release to draw the area you want to select.
Character > Magic wandWSelect an area of similar color. Click on a pixel of your character to select an area with pixels of similar color (with regard to the pixel you clicked on). The magic wand only operates with regard to the selected layer.

Selection mode

For each pixel selection tool, you may choose a selection mode (from the tool bar). Each mode dictates a different way to deal with the newly selected area. We refer to the area you're selecting with this tool by newly selected area. We also refer to the selected area before your use of the tool by former selected area.

Selection modeNameDescription
OverwriteSet the newly selected area as the current selection.
Add (union)Add the newly selected area to the current selection.
IntersectionThe new selection will be the intersection of the former selected area and the newly selected area. (A pixel will be selected if and only if it was selected in both area).
ExclusionThis will remove the newly selected area from the former selected area.
Reverse ("xor")The current selection area will be the mathematical XOR of the two areas. This means a pixel will be selected if and only if it was selected in only one of the two areas. As a result, it reverses the former selected area where it overlaps with the newly selected area.

Pixel selection - Selection shape

This option may be configured in the tool bar if the tool Pixel selection is used. It enables you to change the shape of the area you will select (rectangular or elliptic).

Magic wand - Tolerance

This option may be configured in the tool bar if the tool Magic wand is used. The tolerance is a threshold parameter of the magic wand: it is used to determine if pixels are of "similar" color. Tolerance will define the similarity. Setting tolerance to 0 will make the magic wand select pixels of the exact same color. With a tolerance of 100, the magic wand considers every pixel to be of the same color.

Magic wand - Filling mode

This option may be configured in the tool bar if the tool Magic wand is used. If the mode is Contiguous, the magic wand will only select contiguous area of similar color. Otherwise the magic wand will look at the entire character for similar pixels, and will select all of them.


Whatever your tool and selection are (frames or pixels), you may easily empty the selection. This is done by:

Tool barMenu barShortcuts
Selection > Edit > Deselect frames/pixelsCtrl + D

Other commands

Other commands operate on the selection:

Tool barMenu barShortcutsDescription
Selection > Move selection patternDThis tool will move the selected area around the character. (Click and hold to move the selection). (Only for Pixel selection).
/Selection > Edit > Select AllCtrl + ASelect the entire character (with frames or pixels, depending on the current mode).
/Selection > Edit > ReverseCtrl + IReverse the selection of the character. This means that parts that were selected will be deselected, and vice versa.

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