Layer dock-window

In Game Character Hub, every item added to the character is a layer. This window allows you to rearrange layers and their order. Note that the order of the layers matters: to render your character, layers are drawn from the downmost layer to the topmost. That means that if you want an item (understand layer) to be drawn above another item, you must put the former on the top of the latter. All of this is handled in the layer dock-window.

This window should be docked on the left side of the screen. It shows you the list of all items (i.e. layers) that your character has.

Item selection

You will have to select layers to use most of Game Character Hub commands. To do so, simply click on an item. Note that you can select several items by holding the Ctrl and/or Shift keys.


There are several ways to deselect an item. The easiest is to click on the command Deselect that appears at the bottom of the dock-window. You may also hold Ctrl and click on a selected item to deselect it. Or right clicking on an item, and choosing the Deselect option on the popup-menu works as well.

Move items

To move a layer up and down within the list, select the item, and click on the corresponding command that appear at the bottom of the dock-window. You may as well right click on an item and choose the corresponding option in the popup-menu. Note that you can also drag and drop an item from the list to its desired position. With this last method you can move several items in one drag-and-drop.

Layer visibility

You may hide layers. Hidden layers won't be rendered on your character, but will still appear on this dock-window. To hide a layer, right click on it, and select the Hide option. An icon shall appear on it to remember you that this layer is hidden. To reverse its hidden state, you may right click again on the hidden layer, and select Show.

Duplicate layer

To duplicate a layer, you may use the command . You may also right click on it, and select the option Duplicate. A copy of the selected layer will be added on the top of the selected layer. This is useful if you want to work on a layer, while keeping a copy of its original state to go back to if needed.

Delete layer

To delete a layer, you may simply select it and click on the command . You may as well right click on the layer and select the Delete option.

Merge layers

It is possible to merge two or more layers. This flattens the layers into a single one, and doesn't change the rendering of the character. It is useful when you have too many layers and you don't need that amount. To merge layers, you may either select one layer only, and merge it down with the layer below, either select several layers to merge them together. You can then use the command .

Modify the name and opacity of layers

It is possible to modify the name and the opacity of a layer. Right click on a layer and choose Properties. There you can change the layer name and the opacity. If the opacity is set to 0, the layer will be completely hidden. If it is set to 255, then it is completely opaque.

Generate palette from layer

The color dock-window located on right side of the screen contains a palette. You may fill in this palette with the colors of a layer. To do so, right click on a layer and select Generate palette. Note that you can select several layers to fill in the palette from.

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