The line tool enables you to draw a straight line on the selected layer. The line can be of any color and any angle. The line color will be the current color (as specified in the Color window).

You may access the line tool from the following command:

Tool barMenu barShortcuts
Drawing > LineL

How to use

To use this tool, simply select one layer. Then click on your character where you want the line to begin. Hold down and move the cursor until you reach the desired endpoint of the line. Then release.

You may control the line angle by holding the Shift key while drawing the line. The line starting point, angle, and length are displayed on the bottom left corner of the window, as your are drawing it.

Note that if you click with the right mouse button (instead of the left mouse button), you will draw with the second color (i.e. if the current color is the primary color, you will then fill up with the secondary color, and vice versa).

Area of effect

This tool operates either within selected frames or selected pixels, depending on the current selection mode. This means that if some frames are selected (and that you are in the frame selection mode), you will not be able to draw pixels that don't lie in a selected frame. The same goes for the pixel selection mode: you will not be able to draw pixels that are not selected.

You may change the selection mode while using the line tool: the rightmost toolbar button enables to toggle between the selection modes. Select to draw a line within the selected frames, and to draw a line within the selected pixels.

Note that if the selection is empty, the line is free to draw where you want.

Line settings

Upon selecting the tool, a new toolbar shall appear. This toolbar enables you to change the line settings.

  • Width: defines the width of the line lead, in pixels.
  • Composition mode defines how to deal with a non-opaque line.
    • Normal blending: This will blend the color of the character with the color of the line.
    • Overwrite: This will replace the color of the character by the color of the line.
  • Render hint defines how to render the line
    • Anti-aliasing enabled: This will draw a smooth line, even if the line isn't horizontal nor vertical.
    • Anti-aliasing disabled: This will draw a line which won't be smoothed.

Tip: if you are in frame selection mode, and several frames are selected, you may draw the same line in several frames at once! Simply hold Ctrl while drawing the line. The line will be drawn on every selected frame!

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