This command enables you to add noise to the selected area. Adding noise to your character will add random-colored pixels to the selected area. As for Colorize, this command will give you the choice to operate on either selected frames or pixels. Prior to launch this command, you need to select the layer(s) and the frames or pixels that will be affected by the resizing operation. You may launch this command via:

Tool barMenu barShortcuts
Characters > NoiseN


Selecting the first tab will make the command operate on selected frames, while selecting the second tab will make it operate on selected pixels. Note that it may happen that the current selection (layer, frames or pixels) is incompatible with the command. E.g. this is the case if you selected more than one layer and that you are in pixel selection mode. If this happens, a red error message will appear at the bottom of the dialog, stating the issue.

The slider defines how much noise to add to the selected area. Increase its value to add more noise.

Three options are available (namely: keep hue, keep saturation and keep lightness). If keep hue is enabled, the noise won't modify the hue of the selected area. The same goes for saturation and lightness. If the three options are enabled, the noise will have no effect.

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