Preview dock-window

Game Character Hub can play the animation of your character. This means that you can see your character walking in every four directions while still making it. The animation is played in the preview dock-window.

This window should be docked on the bottom-left side of the screen.

Animation settings

You may stop the animation at any time simply by clicking on the pause icon. Click on the play icon (formerly the pause icon) to resume.

You may change the animation framerate. To do so click on the book icon, and change the lifetime of a frame. The default time is 400ms before rendering the next frame. Note that 1000ms is one second.

Character animation

If your character is an RPG Maker XP or VX-like character, then Game Character Hub will automatically use the appropriate animation. Otherwise no animation will be played in the preview window. However, regardless of your character format (should it be RPG Maker-based or not), you can still set or change the animation that is being played.

Click on the book icon. You will then see a list of available animations for your character. If you never created any animation, the list should be empty or contain one entry. Click on Animation management to create your own animations.

Animation management

Click on New to create a new animation.

You must first tell the animation length. Note that the preview window can play several animations simultaneously. Each of these animations must have the same frame length.

You will be prompted to tell the size, frame-wise, that the preview widget shall have. This is the number of animations that will be played simultaneously. You will also be prompted the size, frame-wise, of the character which is animation is made for.

The last step is to define which animation is played on which frame of the preview window. This can be done by clicking on Manage animations for each frame.

On the top you will see what the preview window looks like. You can see underneath some tabs. There are as many tabs as animations to be played simultaneously. Under each tab you can define an animation, which will be played in the corresponding frame of the preview window. Note that you can click on a frame of the preview window on the top to jump directly to the matching tab.

To define an animation, you must define which character frame will be played and in which order. If you click on a character frame, the number 1 will appear on it: this means that you just set this frame to be the first frame of the animation. Click on another frame and the number 2 will appear on it, meaning that it will be the second frame of the animation. And so on and so forth. Right clicking on a frame removes it from the animation. Note that you can put the same frame twice (or even more times) in the animation. Simply click several times on it. Such frames have an orange background, and their numbers of appearance are displayed one after the other. You must set as many frames in the animation as the animation length (specified in the previous window). A green check sign will appear on the tab to tell you that this animation is valid.

Once you have done this for every tab, you can choose OK to close this window, and OK again to close the animation management dialog. Even if you close Game Character Hub, or open another character, the animations you created will still be there.

Finally you may choose your own animation now in the preview properties. Animations that are made for characters with a grid size different from yours won't be displayed.

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