Save characters

Saving your character with Game Character Hub is pretty straightforward. There are three saving commands at your disposal:

Tool barMenu barShortcutCommand
File > SaveCtrl + SSave the current character
File > Save as...Ctrl + Alt + SSave the current character under a new name or format
File > Save allCtrl + Shift + SSave all open characters


You may save your character under two formats: GCH or PNG. The former is usable with Game Character Hub only, and saves your character with no loss, meaning that if you reopen the file, you will find your character exactly as it was. The latter simply draws your character onto a PNG image, ready to be used in your game. Note that the background color of your character will always be fully transparent (when saved as PNG) regardless of the actual background color you might have set.

Open character

You may also open characters (saved in the GCH format, PNG pictures, GCHI or GCHE format (character item)). You may use the following command to open a character:

Tool barMenu barShortcut
File > OpenCtrl + O

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