Saving processes

With Game Character Hub, you can define how to export your character to a PNG image. For instance, you may have created an RPG-Maker-VX-like character, but you would like to use it onto RPG MAker XP. Or you may want to save it to use it for your own game that uses a completely different format. You can tell Game Character Hub how to export the character so it fits your targeted format. For instance, when you save an RPG-Maker-VX character as PNG, you have to choose between saving it as is, or within a 4*2 grid that can contain 4*2=8 VX characters. This can be done by saving processes.

This means for instance, that you can work on your character with the graphics materials of a specific format (e.g. RPG Maker VX), and then convert it to your desired format (e.g. RPG Maker XP) for your own game when you export it to a PNG picture.

This simply consists of a mapping between two formats: for each frame of one format, say which frame of the other format it maps to. This can be done by creating a saving process. Once the saving process is created, when you save your character as a PNG picture, Game Character Hub will ask you to choose a saving process. You can manage saving processes by going to File > Manage saving processes. The saving processes you will create will be automatically saved. You may close and reopen Game Character Hub safely.

Creating new saving processes

Click on Add > New to create a new saving process. You are prompted to give it a name, and grid parameters. You must then define the format of your current character: simply give the number of frames your character has horizontally and vertically (under the field Grid of the character to save). Finally you must also define the targeted format: under Grid size of the target image, type the number of frames your character will have once exported as PNG (still horizontally and vertically). In the end, click on Manage allocations for each frame to define the frame mapping between the two formats.

Frame mapping

You will see on the left a blank character which has the same format as your character. Each frame of this character has a unique number, called identifier. On the right side, you see another blank character which shall have the same format as the desired targeted format.

You must now map frames on the left to the frames on the right. To do so, simply click on a frame on the left to select it. Then click on the right-character frame you want it to be mapped to. On the right-character frame, the identifier of the left-character frame shall appear, stating that this left-frame is mapped to this right-frame.

When you have mapped the frames you wanted, click on OK. Click once again on OK to close the saving process dialog.

Using saving process

To use saving processes, simply save your character as PNG (use the Save As command). A dialog shall appear to ask you which saving process you want to use.

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