User interface

Game Character Hub offers a customisable user interface, that allows you to open several documents at the same time.


Toolbars are located on the top of the window. An Item and a Preview window are docked on the left side of the window. A history and a Color window are located on the right side of the window. Note that you may change the position of any of those windows/toolbars to your liking, simply by dragging and dropping them where you want. You can show/hide any dock-window by going in the View menu and selection the appropriate option.

The central part is for your current open document.

Central widget

It's in the central widget that your current character will de displayed.

You can zoom in and out by respectively hitting the keys + and -. If the character is too large to fit the window, scrollbars will appear. You may use them to navigate through the character. You may also hold the space bar, or hold the middle mouse button to drag the canvas around with your mouse.

You may need to have a different background color for your character. Go to View > Background color to change the color. Note that this is for viewing purposes only, when saved as PNG, the background color will still be transparent.

Game Character Hub displays a grid onto the character that shows the edges of each frame. You can hide that grid by going to View > Show grid.

History widget

Game Character Hub keeps a record of every command you run on your character. This allows you to cancel out the last commands you did to go back to a previous state. Every command you did is displayed on the History dock-window.

You may undo and redo commands through these commands (note the fast shortcuts):

Tool barMenu barShortcutsCommand
Edit > Undo [Action name]u, Ctrl + ZUndo the last command
Edit > Redo [Action name]Shift + u, Ctrl + YRedo the previously cancelled command

You may also click on a command that is on the History list, to move back to this state. The command that has a save icon on its left indicates when was the item saved.

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