Game Character Hub released!

Hello everyone!

After a long time of hard work, and lots of testing, I'm extremely happy to announce that Game Character Hub is finally out! It is available for purchase on Steam for $14.99 only! There is a special promotion that ends on May 30, with a lower price $9.74, saving you 35%!

There have been a lot of changes since the Beta version. Here is a list of the main ones: (You will see a full list of features on Steam!)

  • GCH now handles different character templates. It is not only made for the RPG Maker series any more. GCH even lets you create custom character animations!
  • The item library has new cool features. You may now change the color of an item before adding to your character! You may even see in real time the item on your character without even adding the item! The search results can now be filtered.
  • The drawing tools are now available!
  • The whole user interface is more user-friendly. The two selection modes (Frames and pixels) that might have confused some users is now clearer. Overall more things are explained in the program making it way simpler to use.
  • Some tutorials are included with the software. And a complete user guide is available (here!).

I really hope you will enjoy it!

I've had lots of questions about the licence, and whether the characters created with GCH could be used in commercial products. Those licensing issues are now solved! The answer is as follows: if your character uses the default item library, which is a property of Enterbrain, you may use your character for RPG Maker products only (and then, games made with RPG Maker may be sold with no problem according the licence). This means you may sell your game as long as it's made with RPG Maker and you own a licence. However, if you don't use GCH item library but your own graphic materials, then you are free to use the character in any commercial product.

By the way I'd like to thank everyone who tested the Beta version and gave their feedback, or encouraged me in any way! That really mattered to me, and without any positive feedback from your part, I would never have achieved this. So, thanks again, I really mean it!

As for the Beta version, I remind you that it was only temporarily available, until the full release. The Beta will be disabled on June 6. This means that the Beta won't be available for download any more, and that the version you have won't be working any longer. To continue using GCH, and to enjoy its new features, you need to get the final release on Steam. I would like thank you all again for testing the product, and I hope you have enjoyed it :-)

Date: 2014-05-24 | Time: 18:14:00 | Posted by: Sébastien Bini | Related: Game Character Hub, Project advancement | Comments (9)

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12345 2014-05-25 05:23:12

Hi, will you be looking at releasing GCH with something other than Steam? Cheers.

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Sébastien Bini 2014-05-25 16:22:11

@12345: Hi! I don't plan to release the software elsewhere. Cheers.

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CoinBR 2014-05-26 04:40:56

Hi =) Just saw ur product on steam and it looks really interesting =) I just wonder if the library of included assets belongs to you or to RPG Maker. Because I don't plan to develop to RPG Maker, but for another projects of mine. The library appears to be really good, and the software really productive! If the library is nice, and I can use the characters I create outside RPG Maker, i'm definitely getting it and recommending for other people! THank you for ur time =]

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Sir_G 2014-05-29 04:49:00

I bought this programm because it have promotion and i don`t want to merge tilesets in photoshop anymore. can this programm merge tilesets not only rpg maker sizes? for example, i want to convert tilesets from 16x16 to 32 tilesets?

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mascot1063 2014-06-01 04:19:28

As someone who can't draw with a mouse, I find this thing to be really disappointing. I use a Wacom tablet for all my drawing needs, and feel that there really should be tablet support...

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peplos4587 2014-10-19 13:03:08

Can I use Game Character Hub in others engines like Unity?? Thanks for your time sebastien.

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Maroshyu 2014-11-24 01:20:00

How do I buy the program with you? and must be connected to the internet to use the program? Because I bought the RPG Maker VX Ace and use on my notebook and I'm without internet it ...... so I ask if I need connection to use your programs ... grateful for the attention ...

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samowitsch 2014-12-02 22:52:39

How about a Mac version ^^

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Chimeara 2016-11-05 04:35:34

I just got GCH and I am using RPGM2k3 and I didnt know the tileset merging was only for xp. Surely this cant be right? Well I tried multiple times even trying to save in 8bit as the wizard instructs me to do. I get an error most of the time because its more then 256 colors. Sometimes it will save but then it shows as all black tiles in game. I also tried the character creator and it made a char that was huge and had a black background.

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