Game Character Hub released!

Hello everyone!

After a long time of hard work, and lots of testing, I'm extremely happy to announce that Game Character Hub is finally out! It is available for purchase on Steam for $14.99 only! There is a special promotion that ends on May 30, with a lower price $9.74, saving you 35%!

There have been a lot of changes since the Beta version. Here is a list of the main ones: (You will see a full list of features on Steam!)

  • GCH now handles different character templates. It is not only made for the RPG Maker series any more. GCH even lets you create custom character animations!
  • The item library has new cool features. You may now change the color of an item before adding to your character! You may even see in real time the item on your character without even adding the item! The search results can now be filtered.
  • The drawing tools are now available!
  • The whole user interface is more user-friendly. The two selection modes (Frames and pixels) that might have confused some users is now clearer. Overall more things are explained in the program making it way simpler to use.
  • Some tutorials are included with the software. And a complete user guide is available (here!).

I really hope you will enjoy it!

I've had lots of questions about the licence, and whether the characters created with GCH could be used in commercial products. Those licensing issues are now solved! The answer is as follows: if your character uses the default item library, which is a property of Enterbrain, you may use your character for RPG Maker products only (and then, games made with RPG Maker may be sold with no problem according the licence). This means you may sell your game as long as it's made with RPG Maker and you own a licence. However, if you don't use GCH item library but your own graphic materials, then you are free to use the character in any commercial product.

By the way I'd like to thank everyone who tested the Beta version and gave their feedback, or encouraged me in any way! That really mattered to me, and without any positive feedback from your part, I would never have achieved this. So, thanks again, I really mean it!

As for the Beta version, I remind you that it was only temporarily available, until the full release. The Beta will be disabled on June 6. This means that the Beta won't be available for download any more, and that the version you have won't be working any longer. To continue using GCH, and to enjoy its new features, you need to get the final release on Steam. I would like thank you all again for testing the product, and I hope you have enjoyed it :-)

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Game Character Hub Beta released!

Brand new name

Game Character Hub is the brand new name of Fusion Maker. It used to be RPG Maker Tools, but it has been renamed to a more explicit name: Game Character Hub.

If you don’t know Fusion Maker, RPG Maker Tools, or Game Character Hub, you may read this, and their main features there. For your convenience here is a short description:

Game Character Hub is the next version of a program I designed. It is still under development. The latest release is called Fusion Maker.

Game Character Hub is a helper program for 2D game design. There is a series of 2D game design software: RPG Maker, which is made to design a particular kind of games: RPGs. Game Character Hub is mainly for two issues of that series: RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker VX, but not only.

Game Character Hub provides additional tools for RPG Maker or game design in general. In RPG Maker, you need to have graphics resources in order to design the game. Game Character Hub helps you to create those resources, missing in RPG Maker. Those resources can be designed for RPG Maker or any other program like.

Beta released

I am proud to announce that the Beta version of Game Character Hub has been released! You may download it for free here.

This new version is mainly an entirely revamped version of the last one. Huge performance improvements have been made: the program no longer slows down as you zoom, or use some specific functions.

Several features have been added to make it more powerful, and the user interface has been overhauled so it is easier to use. Lots of tiny details have changed, to make your work easier and more efficient and the program more convenient.

Here is a list of the new features of this release:

  • Huge performance improvements
  • Easier to use while more powerful
  • Pixel selection
  • Editing functions operating on pixel selection
  • Saving process (save your characters for different programs from RPG Maker)
  • Revamped Save as different hues
  • History window
  • Revamped layers window (now bug free and offers a quick access to most functions)
  • New editing and drawing functions
  • Lots of minor improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

All those features are already implemented in the beta version. However some features (e.g. drawing functions) are still left to implement for the final version.

The beta version is provided for free. However you can only use it until the final version is released. An internet connection is required to run the beta version (only to launch the program, no need for a permanent connection), as it will be for the final version.

The final version won’t be provided for free, but at a very low price (< $10).

What’s next?

In a few months the final version will be released. After that another version will be under development. It will include – as a main feature – a collaborative online item library so everyone can create and share items (like hat, clothes).

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