Subtitles Synchronizer is a program I made to synchronize subtitles on a video. In this page we will see how to use the program and what it offers. Usually when you watch a subtitled video, the video and the subtitles are divided into two files. Thus it may occur that you don't have the right video the subtitles file is from, which means that when a character speaks, the sentence he said doesn't appear at that moment.

A subtitles file is just a text file, telling for each sentence when it must appear on the screen. When the subtitles and the video aren't synchronized, the times specified on the subtitles file are wrong. Therefore Subtitles Synchronizer will correct those times.

All you have to do is to tell, for a couple of sentences of your choice, when they are said in the video (i.e. when they must appear on the screen). Subtitles Synchronizer will then deduce the correct time for each sentence of the subtitles file. (Read more about how it works).

First you must define the subtitles file. Click on Browse to do so.

Typically, what you will do next is watching the video, hear a sentence, check the time of the video, and report it here later. Thus you can only rely on your hearing skills to tell precisely when a sentence is actually said. If you are wrong just of some milliseconds, you may not be able to synchronize the subtitles on the video.

That's why, to minimize the error, Subtitles Synchronizer allows you to tell when several different sentences are said. The more sentences, the more accurate, and the farther the sentences, the more accurate too.

You may set from 1 to 10 sentences. 3 is advised. Choose more if the subtitles file is still not synchronized.

Telling for a sentence when it starts, is called here a synchronization point. So you will see as many synchronization points as sentences you typed before.

For each sentence you must set when it starts, when you want it to be displayed on the screen. The sentence you write MUST be in the subtitles file. A popup menu will help you type the sentence when you have typed the first letters. This is case insensitive, which means you can write regardless to capital letters.

Once the sentence is written, the program will set the time it starts according to the subtitles file. It means this time is likely to be wrong (otherwise you won't be doing this), but the actual time is not far from it. You must set the right time.

Once everything is set, click on Save and Subtitles Synchronizer will write the new subtitles file. You may then need to reload it from the media player you're using to play the video.

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