Subtitles Synchronizer is a program I designed to synchronize subtitles file on a video. Usually when you watch a subtitled video, the video and the subtitles are divided into two files. Thus it may occur that you don't have the right video the subtitles file is from, which means that when a character speaks, the sentence he said doesn't appear at that moment. Subtitles Synchronizer has been developed to solve this problem.

To synchronize the subtitles file, all you have to do is knowing the time when some sentences (of your choice) are said in the video. Then you just have to open the subtitles file with Subtitles Synchronizer, and set those times for those sentences. Subtitles Synchronizer will write a new subtitles file, synchronized with your video.

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Some features

You may set from 1 to 10 sentences. The more sentences you set, the more accurate the synchronization. The further the sentences, the more accurate the synchronization too. The sentences you write must be written in the subtitles file. A popup menu will help you type the exact sentence when you have written the first letters.

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Technical details

Subtitles Synchronizer is written in C++, using Qt 4.8.0. It only runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7).

When you specify when a sentence is said in the video, you actually set when you want the sentence to be displayed. (ie typically when a character starts talking). Since you can only rely on your ears to find this time, you cannot be very precise. That's why you may set several sentences, thus the program will minimize your inaccuracy.

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