Sudoku Solver is a program made to solve every 9x9 sudoku immediately. You may either solve the entire sudoku, either unveil a few numbers you can't find. In this page we will see how to use the program and what it offers.

Current case

When you open the Sudoku Solver, you are prompted to fill the sudoku grid. A case of the grid has a red border. This case is the current case. You can change the current case with the arrow keys (on your keyboard), or just by clicking on the new case.

When you type a number, you will fill the current case. If you type 0, you will clear it. The numbers you set will appear in blue.

Fill the sudoku

To fill the grid, click on a case you are sure of their number, and set its number by typing it. Repeat it as long as there are cases you are sure of.

Unveil some cases

Once you set the grid, you may press Shift + Return (hit Shift first!). This will solve the grid, but won't show you the result. Then click on the cases you want unveiled and they will be revealed.

If the current case is blank when you hit Shift+Return, it will not be unveiled even though it is selected. If you really mean to see this number, click on this case anew.

Reveal the entire grid

Once you set the grid, you may press Return to reveal the whole sudoku solution at once.

The numbers found by Sudoku Solver will appear in white, while those you typed are in blue.

Solving the sudoku

When the sudoku is solved, a green check sign will appear on the bottom right side of the window.

If you are interested on how it works, read there.

Multiple solutions

If the sudoku you set has multiple solutions then only one will be shown. Sudoku Solver doesn't seek for all solutions. Thus you cannot have other solutions.

No solutions

If the sudoku you set has no solutions then a red cross will appear on the bottom right side of the window.

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