Sudoku Solver is a program I designed to solve every 9x9 sudoku immediately. You just have to fill the sudoku, press return, and it is solved!

Solving a sudoku may be challenging, and it is kind of a mind twister. So if solving the sudoku ourselves is the core of the game, why will you need this program? Actually with Sudoku Solver, you have the possibility to unveil only one number of the grid. Let's say you are stuck on a particular grid, and that you definitely need an extra number to go on, then Sudoku Solver is for you!

Download Sudoku Solver! (free)

To solve either partially or entirely your sudoku, you must write down the grid. The numbers you typed are written in blue, those the program will find will appear in white.

If you want the entire grid to be solved, just press the "Return" key. If you want only some cases to be unveiled, then press Shift, hit Return, and click on the cases you want unveiled.

If the grid has no solutions, then a red cross will appear on the bottom right side of the window. If it has solutions, a check sign will appear.

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Sudoku Solver is written in C++. I used both my own math library for the calculation part, and SFML 1.6 for the graphics part. It only runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7).

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